Certification Mark procedure

Personnal information

Is yoga teaching your main activity ? YesNo


Please fill in the following fields, specifying whether they are conventions, internships or continuing education. Mention also the teacher’s name and the place (in the "Description" section).

Please note that a minimum of 25 hours of convention / training OR a minimum of 70 hours of continuing education. For continuing education, please attach your teacher's certificate. Also note that the teacher must have at least 2 levels higher than yours.

Date / Period
Number of hours

Teached courses

I teach Iyengar Yoga and do not mix my Iyengar Yoga teaching with other yoga styles. YesNo

Regular courses

Type of course
Number of course per week
Number of weeks per year
Duration of courses (in minutes)
Iyengar Centre/ place
General courses
Yoga for pregnant women
Therapeutic yoga
Private courses

Classic renewal or renewal after prolonged brake?

Remarks and verification

I confirm that all the information given corresponds to reality. I agree that the association carries out checks on this information, on an ad hoc basis or more thoroughly if necessary.

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