General Assembly


The General Assembly is the body that decides the major orientations of the Association.

It takes place at least once a year.

All the members are invited to attend and can propose that any item they deem useful is put on the agenda. At this moment in time, they have access to the moral and financial reports of the Association.

The General Assembly shall approve the Association’s annual accounts and give leeway to the Board for the management of the past year.

The minutes of the past General Assembly meetings can be consulted here.

Only “active members” have the right to vote. In order to become an active member, it is sufficient to tick the dedicated box on the membership form to be sent to [e-mail address].

Board of administrators

The members of the Board are elected for a period of three years (subject to renewal) by the Association’s members at a General Assembly.

If one or more positions become vacant, all Association’s members will receive an invitation to submit their candidature.

The candidate(s) having obtained the majority of the votes are elected.

The Board meets as often as required. Each Board member has a specific role depending upon her/his availability and competences. All administrators are volunteers. The majority are Yoga Iyengar teachers.



The current Board is composed by the following members:

Dorka GeroMandate till 2021President
Lucia ThibaultMandate till 2021Administrator
Florian PariaMandate till 2021Administrator
Carine TimmermansMandate till 2021Administrator
Stéphane BourhisMandate till 2021Administrator
Stefania RighettiMandate till 2021Administrator
Eva Kemala RodenburgMandate till 2020Administrator
Luc NicolasMandate till 2020Treasurer
Willy BokMandate till 2021Administrator

You can at any time get in touch with the Board via the contact page.

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