A great gentleman of yoga left us at the beginning of April 2022, Faeq Biria, a close friend of the Iyengar family.

Close disciple of Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, Sricharan Faeq Biria was the director of the Paris Iyengar Yoga Center and was for a long time the president of the Technical Committee of the French association of Iyengar Yoga. He was also responsible for training yoga teachers around the world. Introduced from an early age to the mystical arts of the Orient, after a brilliant academic career, Faeq Biria traveled for many years for his spiritual quest during which he met Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar whose disciple he became. He stayed for several more years with Sri B.K.S. Iyengar for his spiritual learning and actively participated in the writing of several books by the master. Since then, he used his exceptional energy, his enthusiasm, his faith and his unique talent as a teacher to carry the message of his master throughout the world.

He was the first sent by B.K.S. Iyengar to teach the first teacher training according to his method and to establish the certification system in many countries such as Russia, Poland, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil and China. He is often called the ambassador of the master. Integrity and devotion to the philosophy of B.K.S. Iyengar are manifest through his teaching. Her classes are a source of dynamism and inspiration for all yoga practitioners.

Here are some quotes from professors of the Belgian Association who knew him well.

“The Iyengar community loses an internationally recognized teacher: Faeq Biria has served his master BKS Iyengar with devotion and respect by spreading yoga through his courses and intensives and by training hundreds of teachers around the world.”
Will Bok

“Faeq Biria, close, faithful and intimate of Guruji left his physical body to return to the body of intuitive knowledge.
Let’s not be sad, let’s bless this chance to have met him.
Dear Guru, we remember your teaching during the training, your intensives at Blacons, your anecdotes, your evaluations, your rigor, your severity, your smile, your commitment. You made us surpass ourselves.
Thank you for your words of comfort one late afternoon in early July 2009, without which I probably would not have become a yoga teacher.
My deepest thoughts to Faecq’s family and loved ones.”
Francois Van Hinderdael

“Bon Voyage Faeq. Thank you very much for having transmitted to us with great clarity the teaching of Iyengar Yoga. Your imprint remains impressed on a large number of students. Gratitude and my condolences to the entire Iyengar Community.”
Juan Benítez Rodriguez

“An extraordinary teacher. A great master. His extraordinary lessons will remain etched in my mind forever”
Lucia Anjali

Watch and listen to Faeq explain what prayanama is

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