Certification Mark

In order to ensure a high level of Yoga Iyengar practice in Belgium, certified Yoga Iyengar teachers must follow systematic trainings and regularly teach Yoga Iyengar classes.

Once a year, each certified teacher shall provide proof of the number and the type of trainings done as well as of the classes she/he has taught.

Only the teachers providing the aforementioned proofs have the right to use the “certification mark” « certification mark » and to officially teach Yoga Iyengar. The updated list of certified teachers is available on the Biyab website.


Minimum number of hours per year : 

min. 25 hours

Types of trainings :

  1. Courses at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute (RIYMI) in Pune
  2. Workshops organised by the Biyab
  3. Workshops and/or courses given by a Yoga Iyengar teacher with a higher level certification.


Minimum number of teaching per year :

min. 70 hours

Types of class :

  1. Weekly classes (e.g. one 90-minute class, 40 weeks per year)
  2. Workshops (e.g. Sunday intensive)

Documents :

Proof documents for training and teaching shall be submitted to the Biyab each year in September and shall cover the previous year.

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