Certification Mark

In order to ensure a high level of Yoga Iyengar practice in Belgium, certified Yoga Iyengar teachers must follow systematic trainings and regularly teach Yoga Iyengar classes.

Nomally each year, each certified teacher shall provide proof of the number and the type of trainings done as well as of the classes she/he has taught.

Only the teachers providing the aforementioned proofs have the right to use the “certification mark” « certification mark » and to officially teach Yoga Iyengar. The updated list of certified teachers is available on the Biyab website.

This year, considering the speficic situation linked to the COVID 19 pandemic, it will not be compulsory to respect the criteria related to the number of hours  of continuous training course to obtain the LOGO/CERTIFICATION MARK for 2020-2021.

In any case it remains required that you still fill as usual the “certification mark template” and indicate the total number of hours followed.





Minimum 25 hours:

Types of trainings :

  1. Courses at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute (RIYMI) in Pune
  2. Workshops organised by the Biyab and other International Iyengar Associations
  3. Workshops given by a Yoga Iyengar teacher with at least one level higher certification


Minimum 70 hours:

Types of class :

  1. Classes given by a Yoga Iyengar teacher at least one level higher than your certification (e.g. one 90-minute class, 47 weeks per year)

Documents :

Documents detailing training and teaching shall be submitted to the Biyab each year in September and shall cover the period September (previous year) -August (current year).

Before submitting the document, make sure that you are connected and thatyour profile is updated.

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