Certification Mark procedure

Please follow the following steps carefully:
1) Log in with your email and password (Click on connexion)
2) Update your personal profile if needed (personal details, level obtained etc..)
3) Fill ALL the fields carefully. Note that the period of reference is: 1 September- 31 August
4) Upload any other document you may find useful.
5) Pay the logo via this link: https://www.iyengaryoga.be/en/item/logo-license/
6) Provide the information at the latest before 20/09/2020

Personnal information

Is yoga teaching your main activity ? YesNo


Normally, minimum of 25 hours of convention/workshop OR a minimum of 70 hours of regular classes. Be also aware that the certified Iyengar teacher must have reached at least 1 level higher than yours.
This year, considering the speficic situation linked to the COVID 19 pandemic, it will not be compulsory to respect the criteria related to the number of hours of continuous training course to obtain the LOGO/CERTIFICATION MARK for 2021-2022.

Make sure to make explicit if you refer to conventions, internships/workshops or regular classes.
Mention also the teacher’s name and if it took place online or in presence.


Date / Period
Number of hours

Classic renewal or renewal after prolonged brake?

Remarks and verification

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